Audial (Dorog Records – 2014) by Puna


Jorge Rivas: Guitarra, secuencias, teclado, controlador
José Rodríguez: Guitarra, secuencias, teclado
Rolando Apolo: Guitarra, bajo, teclado, oscilador


Gerardo Norvasc : second guitar on “Nula Riviera” and “Vespertar”.
Arturo Quispe Velarde: saxophone on “Aún Horizonte” and “Monorriel”.

“Nula Riviera” was recorded and mixed at Vamsick Studios (Lima/Antofagasta).


Photography: David López y Laboratorio Espacial (Costa Rica).
Design and implementation: Dorog Records (Perú).

Special thanks to ALOARDI, Latinoamérica Shoegaze and Chip Musik. Also to all the people involved and those who supported this project from the start.

Recorded, mixed and produced by Puna.
(CC) 2012 – 2014.

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