Concerts, Workshop & Tour Chrs Galarreta (PE) + Los Heraldos Negros (ME)

30/05 Studioloos – The Hague (with Davide Tidoni and TWNO)
01/06 The Zone – Berlin (with Los Heraldos Negros, Krapoola Manos Ligeras y Mi High)
02/06 Loophole – Berlin (with Los Heraldos Negros, Ratbag, Krapoola)
04/06 Velak – Gala – Vienna (with Los Heraldos Negros,Skylla & christine schörkhuber)
11/06  Ljudmila – Slovenia (HiperOido workshop)
12/06  Ljudmila – Slovenia (HiperOido workshop)
13/06  Klub Gromka – Slovenia (with Sex Jams)
16/06  VillaKavila – The Hague (with Los Heraldos Negros & Jonas Gruzka)


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