Concerts Nov – Dec 2012 and new release

> 13/11 CAAS 1 (The Hague)

> 17/11 Trashvortex (Paris)
Pascal Batua & Alfredo Costa Monteiro (FR/PT)
Chrs Galarreta (PE)
Ludger Henning/Markus Markowski/Sebastien Branche (FR)

> 30/11 Perditempo a Dante, Piazza Dante 44/45 ( Napoles)
Scant Intone (CAN)
Chrs Galarreta (PE)

> 01/12 Ferro 3,Corso nazionale 131(Scafati)
Dario Sanfilippo (IT)
Chrs Galarreta (PE)

> 04/12 Q-Q2 Gallery (Bruselles)
Chrs Galarreta (PE)
Seiji Morimoto (JP)
Patrick Thinsy, Adam Asnan, Pauwel De Buck (BE)

New Release on Andesground!

Chrs. Galarreta / Grassa Dato – Alternative Soundtrack to the film “Aguirre, La Ira de Dios” de Werner Herzog (Split Cassette, Andesground)
listen an extract or buy it here

more releases here

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