Chrs Galarreta > Set – Oct 2012


> 29/09 La Maison Peinte – Toulouse (FR)                                                                                                 > 03/10 lullcec – Barcelona (SP)                                                                                                                                       > 04/10 TBC – Barcelona (SP)                                                                                                                                                                                          > 05/10 Arts Du Forez – Saint Etienne (FR)                                                                                            > 09/10 WIM – Zurich (SZ)                                                                                                               > 10/10 Studioloos – Den Haag (NL)

New Releases

Beauty Comes From Nothing – Chrs. Galarreta (CDR Aloardi, 2012)

More than music, it is a radical exploration into atmospheres and resonances played with guitar and synthesizer. Continuous sound spaces to produce an effect of timelessness in the perception of the listener and the place where it is issued. Effect that emerge during a prolonged exposure to this sounds. Killing the expectation to hacking the time. Listen an extract here – Buy it: 9 Euros (shipping cost included) writing to

Compilation 2004_2011 – Chrs. Galarreta (Mp3 Indipendent, 2012)

All tracks for this compilation were selected by Florian Gracy for his final work diploma on arts. Florian has made a software to allow any users to make their own design of the CD cover for this release. Download tool and release here


New samples of kanichu manchu icha llullakinuchu (6 channel generative sound spatialization) here

Some news in Aloblog: Interview with Strict (USA), videos of street musicians in Lima , Puno and some video gifts by Chucky (Fiorella16) of Ruido en tu Wecco (Gabriel Castillo, Fiorella16, and others) and Mata-A-Galarreta (interview, concert, police interference in Arequipa-Perú) watch all here

Some links with pics + video of the last workshops and concerts in Vienna with Canastar, Ilpo Vaisanen and Klingt crew (Austria) here

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