> Concert / installation / radio sessions and more 04-05 2012

> 20/04 TRASHVORTEX (Paris / Fr )
Trashvortex est une série de concerts dédiée à la musique expérimentale, la musique improvisée ou toute autre forme de musique “libre”
QUENTIN SIRJACQ (piano) + YOANN DURANT (saxophone)
CHRISTIAN GALARRETA (electronic trash)
UMLAUT BIGBAND!! : Brice Pichard, Louis Laurain, Quentin Ghomarie (trompettes) + Manu Domergue (méllophone)+ Florent Didier, Fidel Fourneyron,Bastien Ballaz(trombones) + Pierre-Antoine Badaroux, Antonin Tri-Hoang, Pierre Borel, Joce Miniel, Benjamin Dousteyssier (saxophones) + Eve Risser (piano) + Sébastien Beliah (contrebasse) + Antonin Gerbal (batterie).
Info: http://www.trashvortex.info/trashvortex/20042012.html

> 20-24/04 ARS ELETTRONICA (Lviv / Ukraine)
Sound Installation by Christian Galarreta
(a live mix with soundscapes monitored, connected and confined)
Info fest: http://www.arselettronica.org.ua
Text about installation: Polis

> 05/05 MAIZING SESSIONS (Paris / Fr / live transmission on line)
Presenting the activity of Aloardi (peruvian label) and experimental sounds from Southamerica. Live performances of Xavier Lopez, Anton Mobin and Chrs. Galarreta.
Info + listen: http://maizingsessions.blogspot.fr/
Aloardi: https://aloblog.wordpress.com/


>Residuos Sonoros Invisibles y Continuidad
(text published in Ursonate Fanzine by Christian Galarreta)
A text about the creative use of alternative formats like the live audio streaming transmission to extend the human traditional perception of space-time in a continuum sonorous.
Read text in Spanish: RSIYC
Download fanzine:Ursonate

>Fotos and Videos of last Concerts in Perú and other publications
Tica in After Pop (Argentina) + “El Otro Lado de la Flor” New live acoustic release to download at Superspace Records (Lima-Peru)
Computer Music Resurrection in (Arequipa-Peru)
Galarreta in ACCSSES#8 a compilation for a radio session of Robert B. Lisek (Poznan-Poland)
New Clip from Audioart Fest 2011 (Kracow – Poland).
Note: The following video have substantial low frequency content, therefore good speakers, high volumen or headphones will give you a better sonic image.

Concert / installation / radio sessions and more

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