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COMING TO OUR OPENCHAT on Saturday 19/11 at 20Hs (Europe Time)  ///////

open chat:

An inter-cities sound performance spatialization through a free-multi-directional net-radio system. Using Icestream to perform and mix different audio streams, The Great international Audio Streaming Orchestra perform new ways for orchestra composition where the composer become a virtual entity that emerges from a community of audio explorers/nodes.

enjoy the our open  chat during the event

Nodes participants:

Emiliano Hernandez Santana (Merida-Venezuela/Barcelona-Spain)

Fak.Apdayc (Arequipa/Cusco-Peru)

Gabriel Castillo (Lima-Peru)

Julien Ottavi + Jenny Pickett (Nantes-Francia/UK)

Sebastian zvook (Bogota -Colombia)

Omar lavalle (Lima-Peru)

Thierry Heinz (Strasbourg -France) > Processing code catching on live aleatory pics from public web cams from the cities of the GISO 2 participants.It would be played on the PIKSEL-LOGO Stream Machine

In situ: Roman Papion, Christian Galarreta and Julien Poedevin

download the record of GIASO I :


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