!!!!!Setiembre Sangriento!!!!!!

50 Otages Under The Bridge!!!!!!!!!!!!

50 Otages (Peru/France) – http://50otages.bandcamp.com
Holzkopf (Canada) – http://holzkopf666.googlepages.com
Peter Quistgard (Netherlands) – http://myspace.com/peterquistgard
Yogi Data (Finisterre) – http://www.myspace.com/yogidata

15/09 > Under The Bridge!!!!!!
Where??? le MIN à république prendre direction trentmoult
la soirée se passe sous le pont des 3continents côté Rezé

16/09 > Bar de la Bascule
2, rue de la Bascule – 35000 RENNES

Art of failure + Christian Galarreta

18/09 > Space Multimedia Gantner http://www.espacemultimediagantner.cg90.net/

Apo33-Cuscobot + Fack Apdayc (France/Peru)

23/09 > Festival Asimtria 7 (Qoricancha – convento Sto. Domongo /Internet)


FSS 14  “Computer Music Is Dead”-
Christian Galarreta

“In the cemetery of computer hardware, Christian uses his software only to document a derive into the detritus of matter, into the desolation of our times, into the nothingness of being. Nothing alive here and no hopes, just some sounds without pretending to grasp you. We live between 0 and 1’s in a collapsing world so it is not strange that someone tries to find ways of documenting the death of our surroundings. No digital glamour here, just materialist realism. This record is the beginning of the end. ” (Mattin, FSS -09/2011)

BUY NOW IN DISCOGS!!! Ruido Al Paso 1 - Chrs. Galarreta + Paruro + Karkowski 
 (DVDr, Aloardi 033/ Ruido Horrible) http://www.discogs.com/Zbigniew-Karkowski-Christian-Galarreta-Paruro-Ruido-Al-Paso-1/release/3087074


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