Chrs Galarreta – New Releases and Concerts August 2011

::::::::::New Releases::::::::::::::

:::Ruido Al Paso 1 – Chrs. Galarreta + Paruro + Karkowski – (DVDr, Aloardi 033/ Ruido Horrible 060)

This DVDr contains video, pictures, and audio documentation of the outdoor concerts played in Peru in August 2004 by Christian Galarreta, Paruro and Zbigniew Karkowski. Also included are collaborative reworks of the original audio files. Enjoy it!!! (Boby Peru – 11/2010, Mexico D.F.)

Buy it for 7 EU on the concerts of Chrs Galarreta (in Europa), Ruido Horrible (in Mexico), Aloardi/Gabriel Castillo/Paruro (in Peru), APO33 (In France) and via postal mail for:
13 U$A rest of the World
*shipping cost include
writing to:

:::Días En Que Estoy Enfermo – Chrs. Galarreta & Fiorella 16 (Cassette, No-Ediciones Tapes 002)

Aural rapes from the computers and devices of Galarreta, the visionary founder of the pioneer Aloardí avant electronics label in Perú, and Fiorella 16 the furious noisecean from Arequipa. Extreme frequencies that will gut your speakers with relentless rigour. Enter at your own risk. Includes a download coupon, with exclusive access to an incurable, punitive computer virus, dedicated to all those asshole enough to buy this awesome cassette and prefer to listen to it in compressed form. Layout by our friends Nancy Molina and Sergio Sánchez from Ruido Horrible from Mexico.  (Marco Rivera “No Ediciones” Los Angeles, 07/2011)

buy it via postal mail for $5
Prices include shipping in Perú and the US.
Other international destinations, contact us at for a quote before onrdering.
Also buy it on the concerts of Chrs Galarreta (in Europa), Ruido Horrible (in Mexico), Fiorella16 (in Peru), APO33 (In France)

:::::::::::::Chrs. Galarreta – August 2011 Concerts:::::::::::::
With his set “Computer Music is Dead” (catching the magnetic fields of broken computers component and electronic trash to make a sound experience)

Sucked Orange Gallery
Neukölln, Berlin, GERMANY

Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art
Gdanzk, Gdanzk, POLAND

16/08 Fest at
Viena, Viena, AUSTRIA

Hannover, GERMANY

more info:

Listen the Bot!!! here
an APO33 permanent stream installation

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