TRIAC: Peruvian noise and artisan circuitry

TRIAC por themediumandthemayhem
TRIAC: Peruvian noise and artisan circuitry

TRIAC is a Peruvian collective made up of Gabriel Castillo, Rolando Apolo and Omar Córdova. (They share the name of an abbreviation of an electrical component, a triode for alternating current.) I actually met TRIAC in Brazil when their visit coincided with the end of the Interactivos? workshop in Belo Horizonte in December. They played a set during the opening of the Interactivos?/Gambiologos Exhibition and also gave a workshop organized by Azucrina Records at Marginalia Lab the following weekend. It made sense to put this post up now that I’m living in Barcelona and understanding much more Spanish (well, Castellano here) and can finally read and translate the material surrounding their work.

siquieres leer mas en English o portugues
click aqui

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